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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kin Hyun Joong: Angel Sorrow

[ARTICLE]  Kim Hyun Joong will be Pulling out of City Conquest Production

After reading the news that Kim Hyun Joong has announced his intention to pull out of the drama City Conquest because of the controversy caused by KBS denial of a time slot, I am filled with a heavy heart.  My poor jagiya, he must be mourning, even in the midst of his successful Japanese tour for Unlimited.  I am sure it is easier because he is so busy, but I know he must be sad.

It turns out the rejection by KBS is politically fueled, just as I suspected.  Of course, the station is recoiling from the accusations by Baek Media that they have tossed the drama aside because of the new President Elect of S. Korea and the desire to save face for the new government.  The plot of the drama addresses some societal ills, and could possibly be seen as an attack on the government, so KBS has cowed to save face.  This may have been foreseen by the production company, as they attempted to change the script and replace the actors to cater to KBS's fears.