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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong: Angel Story: How we met and fell in love

[ARTICLE] Angel Story:  How I met Kim Hyun Joong and Fell in Love

I first met Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers. I fell in love with this quiet, brilliant young man with a heart of gold. His character was rather tragic in that he fell in love with Geum Jan Di who chose Goo Jun Pyo. Our hearts ached and broke for him in his unrequited love.

Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo

Kim Hyun Joong: Angel Mystery

[ARTICLE] Kim Hyun Joong winds up his Japanese Tour 2013 and hints at appearance on Korean TV

[PHOTO] CREDIT: Yumiko Hyunjoong
So many updates about Hyun Joong's final concert in Hiroshima leave me with a bit of an aching heart.  In a translation I read, he promised his Japanese fans he would see them again soon with another album coming out mid year.