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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong: What's up Angel?

[ARTICLE] Kim Hyun Joong , Prince of Peru, Sharklover, and Variety show on SBS?

Victory Hyun Joong!  So sexy!

Don't worry my faithful readers, I've been out and about the net gathering news about my Angel who as always has been a busy bee.  He was recently given a new title, Prince of Peru, as he exploded onto the South American Continent and proved his popularity as a Global Hallyu Star.  Fans in Brazil and Peru were ecstatic as Hyun Joong came to see them for the first time since his solo debut 2 years ago.  They have been waiting anxiously, and their loyalty has paid off.  I am so jealous of his South American fans, and I am just saying... KHJ... we're waiting in North America too!  The United States and Canadian fans would love to have you visit us soon!

Beautiful in Brown!  Hyun Joong has a great time in South America!

Second news bit... Kim Hyun Joong has gone diving with sharks!  At Busan Aquarium, he proudly earned his Certificate of Participation for diving in the Shark Tank.  If you remember, on WGM, he was afraid of the Ocean because of sharks.  Awww... I'm getting misty eyed at my grown up Angel conquering his fears and becoming a brave man of ACTION!  LOL!  This is why I love him so much.  He is not afraid to admit his fears, however he is also not afraid to OVERCOME them!  He is truly inspiring.

Ahhhh!  His beautiful eyes are unmistakeable even in the scuba mask!  My focus is all on Hyun Joong, even though he is surrounded by that beautiful coral!

And finally, will Kim Hyun Joong agree to signing as a fixture on a new Variety Show at SBS?  Well, All reports say that KeyEast received a proposal and they are in positive discussions with the channel.  Are we forgetting SBS was one of the stations that rejected City Conquest  KBS was in the news the most for the rejection as they were the last to confirm.  However, MBC and SBS had originally rejected the drama as well.  I am wondering if this is the industry's way of holding out a peace offering.  I know Hyun Joong desires to be in his home country.  I was so broken hearted at the rejection of City Conquest because it seemed the S. Korean fans did nothing to protest it.  I was wondering if his support there was waning.  Well, with this offering, it seems the S. Korean Entertainment industry is at least acknowledging his popularity and star power.

I have been a big advocate of Hyun Joong in Variety Shows because that is where his 4D personality and sweetness really shine.  However, I am not certain I like the idea of him being a fixture on one variety show.  I like it when he hits the circuit and gets a lot of exposure.  I don't like a commitment of this type because it would limit his ability to have time for filming a drama.  I really want to see him in a drama!  Then, he can hit the circuit to promote!  All of that being said, it would not be unwise for him to take an opportunity like this to enhance his exposure in S. Korea.  He has been promoting his music in Japan for the past two years, and I am sure his S. Korean fans are missing him even more than those of us watching from around the world.  It would be great for Hyun Joong to get to spend time at home as well.

I really hope KeyEast makes the best decision for him.  I just want to put the sorrowful events of early 2013 behind him and look forward to more exposure of the Alien Prince.  I have been missing him since Laser Kim took a job in Japan.  I no longer get my daily dose... and it's really saddened me to not be able to get on and comment back and forth with the fans I met there.  I will try to post more often here in hopes of gathering a few friends to talk about our Angel.  Please, comment and let me know what you think of this proposal for a Variety Show.  As always, no matter what project he chooses, he has my full love and support.  Fighting KHJ!  Hope to see your happy smile and silliness soon to make us all laugh and smile.