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Friday, January 25, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong: Angel Troops

[ARTICLE] Kim Hyun Joong City Conquest rejected by the three Major Broadcast Stations in S. Korea

Calling out to all Kim Hyun Joong Alien Family!  The Troops are assembled and ready to FIGHT for our Angel!

To the three major Korean TV stations:  KBS, MBC, SBS!  Take your rejection of CC and shove it where the sun don't shine!  (That's an Okie phrase we say here in Oklahoma, USA!)

Hyun Joong fans all around the globe are mourning from the news of the official rejection of City Conquest by the South Korean broadcast station KBS.  MBC and SBS had already rejected the airing of the series.  The reasons are just too lame to mention because they are an obvious load of B.S.!  Other similar series that have been aired and given the green light were City Hunter and Iris along with the in production Iris2.  Their reasons are not holding water with the fans of Kim Hyun Joong and we have had our fill of the the SK Entertainment industry politics.

If I were a SK KHJ fan... I'd be in front of KBS with my sign protesting with my fellow fan girls shouting,  "Kim Hyun Joong, City Conquest, KBS reverse, reverse!"   LOL!  Seriously, I do hope his SK fans can get organized and do something that will make those crazy TV execs at least know they are dissatisfied.  I am not incredibly worried as I know there are MANY other outlets for the project and his International Fans will support it in DROVES!  I would not be surprised if a YouTube airing would not reach over a million hits!

for Hyun Joong, I am coming out of hiding to post this message of encouragement:

Dear Lord,

Be a beacon of encouragement to me today Lord.  Show me how to continue trusting you with all of my heart and make me a blessing to those around me.  Amen.

Hyun Joongie has always been an encouragement to me.  A bright Lighthouse, he shone like a guiding star for me when I was lost in an ocean of depression and pain.  I came through and I am focused on that beacon.  It is guiding me to dream big, work hard to move forward in my journey, and to enjoy REAL happiness along the way.  I want him to know he is in my heart and I will be by his side 100% no matter what happens in his life and career!  He is our ONLY ONE!  He continues to bless us each day just by being alive and on this earth!

With this encouragement, I hope the Alien family will join me and post everywhere possible our dissatisfaction with this outrageous and ridiculous rejection of City Conquest in his home country.  If you can't find the love and support you need from your family and your home, it is the ultimate betrayal.  I just cannot stand for this to happen to my Angel Baby!  I want him to know he has Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Friends and a HOME within the hearts of his fans.  He may not have real life relationships with us... but, our love is intangible and spiritual and I hope it penetrates his heart and eases any pain or insecurity he may be feeling at any time for any reason.

Please join me with your prayers and wishes.  Please tweet your sentiments... post on your social networks facebook, yahoo, google+, or whatever area you use to update your thoughts.  Anyone who is registered at his official website hyunjoong.com... go there and express your support as well.  We need the world to know what we think about the SK politics which are failing this hallyu star who has brought them nothing but positive recognition.  He deserves so much better from them!  We can only let our voices be heard as we defend and protect him.  He is more deserving than any for their love and support.  If they are not going to be responsible, then we will push him up with our numbers and strength.  Keep the faith!  Fighting!  Hyun Joong and Alien family... I may have been silent for a while... but, I am still here, and I am still strong!



I just wanted to add my post on the BB on hyun-joong.com:
Please join me all over the www in posting and voicing your thoughts!

I just want to express my sentiment on the rejection of CC by the three major SK broadcasting stations KBS, MBC, SBS...

I, as US fan, do not buy their lame excuses for not broadcasting Kim Hyun Joong's drama. City Hunter, Iris and Iris2 a just a few to mention with similar concepts and production budgets. The official reasons are not holding water for me and a lot of other International fans. Whatever their REAL reasons are, I don't care. I support my ONLY ONE no matter WHAT! You are LOSING by rejecting this International Sensation... your loss.

I had considered not watching any more Korean dramas that were aired on any of these stations... but, I decided it would punish the actors in these dramas if they lost my support.. so, I won't do that. I watch on DramaFever anyway... so, it doesn't really affect their advertising dollars. I would suggest SK fans consider a boycott... hit 'em where it hurts.

From an International point of view... this is a really bad reflection on the SK Entertainment industry and the whole country in general. You have pushed your hallyu stars to become global influences. We are in love with Kim Hyun Joong in particular. His beauty and grace have been an attractive representation of SK WHY... Why?! Why... would you reject him at home and turn your back on him? It makes no sense to us, and I have now become soured on SK in general. I still have dreams to come and seek a Master's Degree in Korean Studies... but, I am seeing the dark side and the reality. I suppose this is good and healthy... but, I'm sure SK doesn't want to be represented this way to the International Community!

I am hoping Kim Hyun Joong's fans at home in SK and around the world will come out and voice their dissatisfaction with this decision. At least give us a plausible excuse! I am really not terribly interested in excuses... but, if it ACTUALLY MADE SENSE... I might be a little more settled about it. At his point, I am crying BS!

For Hyun Joong-ssi:

Keep your chin up, baby! You are more loved than you could possibly know. I am a blogger and have recieved fans from over 80 countries reading my blog about you. They are outraged by this injustice and are eager to see a resolution. They will not sit still until they are able to enjoy the hard work you have put into this drama City Conquest to present to your fans. We want to see it aired in numerous other countries.. and US fans hope to see it on DramaFever or YouTube so we can enjoy it along with the world! Please, Media Baek and whoever else is controlling the publication of this series... think outside of the box! Get it out there for us fans! We are waiting anxiously and will not rest until we get to see our ONLY ONE! Thank you for believing in him and supporting him... we are here to support you as well!

FIGHTING ALIENS! FIGHTING KIM HYUN JOONG-ssi! ALL THE LOVE IN OUR HEARTS! We are supporting you and by your side ALWAYS 100%. You bless us each day just by being alive and moving on this planet. Keep up the fight!