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Monday, November 26, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong: Angel Apocalypse

[ARTICLE] Kim Hyun Joong Growing Popularity as a Global Hallyu Star

The word Apocalypse means to reveal.  It has become associated with the End of the World.  The original meaning was Revelation thus the book of Revelations in the Bible.  Kim Hyun Joong is on his Apocalypse at this current time, becoming known to more and more fans.  His many talents and shining star personality have been uncovered, and the Hallyu wave is advancing ever further through this amazing and dynamic star personality that is Kim Hyun Joong.  I shared a photo I created with Hyun Joong as a Zombie on my Halloween post.  Wow, he made the most beautiful zombie I have ever seen!  I don't think anything could make him look bad... not even being reanimated as the undead! 
It would be really fun to see him do a comedy spoof about zombies.  He would be so GORGEOUS even with blood and guts coming out everywhere!  Haaaa Haaaa!  And so, the Kim Hyun Joong Apocalypse has BEGUN!  Get ready to have your brain consumed and your heart taken away!  Once you're bitten by this beautiful zombie, you are forever his!  Viral and Global, his influence is a contagion that spreads goodness, love and GOLD RECORD status everywhere he goes!

His exposure has been mounting starting in late 2011 and exploding into a shower of sparks in 2012.  I can't wait to see what is in store for 2013.  I want him to keep moving up with his dreams.  He has stated that he wanted to study abroad in the US.  I hope he will be able to do this in the future.  I have stated that I would love to be his English Tutor and help him reach that goal.  To study abroad, and finally have his World Tour reaching all of his fans on a global scale.  We are satisfied at current time to have him in digital and print media only, but we are growing ever more anxious to see him in person here in the US!  Please, plan to come soon, Hyun Joong-ah!  Your fans will support you and help you all along the way!  Maybe we can google video chat or skype and I will give you English Lessons at no charge!  LOL!  Dream Big!

I have been watching a drama called Gloria this week.  It stars Seo Ji Suk.  He really looks nothing like Kim Hyun Joong, but I swear, when he first came on the screen as his character Kangseok in the drama I saw Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo!  LOL!  There was something about the way he acted and held his mouth.  His eyes are not as large as Hyun Joongs but have a similar shape.  It was more his mannerisms that reminded me of Hyun Joong.  I saw him and thought, I have to watch this drama!  LOL!  Actually, unbeknownst to me, SJS is on KHJ's FC Men's soccer team!  What a small world, I thought to myself when that was revealed through an internet search of his name.  I wanted to know more about him so I could watch some other dramas.  I haven't finished Gloria yet, but I intend to watch Manny when I am done.  Of course, Kim Hyun Joong is the reason... because I saw Kim Hyun Joong in this actor SJS also!  I had no idea they were friends and played together!
KHJ and SJS congratulations on the field...

Well, my list is growing.  Of course KHJ will always be at the top of that list by a LANDSLIDE!  But, Kim Jae Joong is now #2 and I think I will like Seo Ji Suk as #3 unless I find some reason not to.  I haven't done enough looking up on him yet, so I don't know for sure.  BTW, I learned from LazerKim that Hyun Joong and Jaejoong spend Christmas Eve together every year because they are bachelors!  LOL!  I do hope my gifts arrive in time so Hyun Joong can give Jaejoongiee his bracelet for Christmas when they hang out together!  I was wondering what Hyun Joong's plans might be for Christmas a bit.  It is his private time, and we really don't need to know, but I like to think of him happy and spending time with his family.  I like to think he may have phone calls with his brothers from SS501 and to know that he spends close time with KJJ makes me very happy.  It is a time for family and friends and I hope he spends it well and makes may warm and happy memories for 2012!  MMM... and speaking of LANDSLIDES... Here are KHJ's results at Yahoo Buzz and Korean Culture:

keep voting:




I am back from my first time to spend with my ENTIRE immediate family on my dad's side for Thanksgiving this year.  It was a BLAST!  We did a talent show, and it was the most fun I have had since I was 7 years old and went to Disney Land for the first time!  I sang in Korean for my family with Kim Seung Ah's Love Fool.  I turned around and sang the English adaptation I wrote to match the music.  Everyone was quite impressed if I  must brag on myself!  LOL!  I will post some videos at my youtube as soon as my sister sends them to me!  While spending time with my wonderful siblings and father and stepmom, I was able to share my  love for Kim Hyun Joong many times.  I shared photos, videos, and his life/success story with them.  All of them were impressed by him very much and understood why I was following him as a role model.

My stepmom was most impressed by his clean and healthy image and his inspiring story.  I was honestly a little nervous about sharing because I wasn't sure what their reaction would be.  All were very supportive and impressed by Hyun Joong.  And, just to let you know how addicting Hyun Joong is... my little 3 year old nephew was already singing the chorus to Break Down after hearing the song only once!  It was so very cute... he was singing 'march down... march it down down down... oh woah!'  SOOOO CUTE!  :D

This is why I am so proud to be his  fan.  I can share him with people who know nothing about Hallyu and Kpop.  When they  hear my story about how and why I started following him and why I continue to follow him, they are very impressed and understanding.  That is just his influence.  There is no surprise.  Even those who may not be his fans are impressed.  He is just an outstanding man, no matter what people may think of Kpop or foreign entertainment.  People think I'm a little strange because I have always loved Asian languages and culture.  When they hear the story of Kim Hyun Joong and why I am such a devoted follower, they don't think I'm weird at all.  They understand.  It is so refreshing.

I am going to have to cut this post short.  I am exhausted from my trip and really having trouble thinking of more.  Just one more thing... my stepmother had read an article in World Magazine about Hallyu and the harsh conditions of the Korean Recording Industry for the boy band and girl band style of music.  It is reaching around the globe that some of the Entertainment Companies are not treating their stars with fairness and some are even to the point of making them like slaves.  Since this has become internationally known, I do hope more pressure will be put on the industry by the Korean Government and some of their cruel practices will be outlawed.  I am ever thankful Hyun Joong was able to escape that type of situation and blossom under KeyEast.  That is why he is now on his Apocalyptic World Revelation!  Go Hyun Joong!  Infect the planet with your beauty, grace and wisdom moving ever upward toward the outer space you are so fond of!  Love is coming from all over the world!