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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong: Angel Scandals

[ARTICLE] Kim Hyun Joong Scandals Heresay and Conjecture

 Last week I shared song lyrics for my Kim Hyun Joong called OURS by Taylor Swift.  It was in response to the stirring up of old ghosts and random talk about him.  This week I read there was a scandal with one of his 'friends.'  I assumed it was a member of SS501 so, out of natural curiosity, I googled SS501 and scandal.  WOW was I shocked when the first story came up about Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Youngsaeng being caught with whores in Hong Kong in 2009.  Of course, I had to find out about this so I read all the write ups I could find.  Of course, I knew it wasn't true...
I was just curious about the truth, so I found KHJ's response in an interview around the same time.  He stated the two girls he and his bandmate were getting into a cab with in Hong Kong were their 'noona's' and good friends.  Hyun Joong stated they were with the women because they spoke good English and one of the girls had a chinese boyfriend.

I had to laugh at his innocent response, which by now we all know is probably 100% the truth.  DSP released some statement at the time about the boys going on vacation in Hong Kong with 8 childhood friends.  These two women were supposedly part of this group.  Some ignorant netizens made some ignorant comments like, "really?  If KHJ knew the women's names why does he refer to them as 'some girls'?"  My response to that one is because he didn't want to reveal his friend's names and cause them trouble!  Chinja?  Think about that one.  Another comment I found to be really stupid was this one:  "DSP says they were with 8 childhood friends.  Where were the other 6?  This doesn't make sense because KHJ and HYS were not childhood friends."  HAAAA!  HAAAA!  What I have to say to that is probably the members each invited childhood friends and 1 or 2 people belonged to each member!  Some people just have no ability to think logically.

Anyway, the comment I liked the best was that the 'scandal' was created by the HK press who love to harrass Korean celebrities and are quite nasty in the comments they make.  Besides, that incident was really overblown and no one really cares!  Haaa!  Haaa!  I am really still shocked about what constitutes a 'scandal' in these Asian countries and can literally ruin a person's career.  Here in the states, if a person is caught with prostitutes, smokes, does drugs, drinks and drives or whatever, it does make the news.  But, we are so used to bad celebrity behavior, it only affects their career when they are unable to work because they have to go to rehab!  Haaaa!  Haaaa!  Yes, even for prostitutes... just take a look at Charlie Sheen's bad boy behavior.  He has been to rehab for sex, drug and alcohol addiction.  I just shake my head and grin.

I think that is why I love Korean Entertainment so much anyway.  I am a pretty conservative woman and I am just SICK of all the blatant sex, drugs, and hard living that goes on here in the U.S.  All we see on the news is stories about the latest scandals.  Movies are about sex and extramarital affairs, or violence, drugs and war.  T.V. is full of reality shows like 16 and Pregnant, Jersey Shore, and Toddlers with Tiaras.  America seems to enjoy people behaving badly as it's entertainment.  It is just sickening and heartbreaking.  Our culture seems to love the negative and consumes negative news and T.V. programs with a voracity that is alarming and unsettling to me.  I finally cancelled my cable because the programs offered were only of this variety.  I was disgusted and finished.

That is why I am loving the wholesome Korean Dramas and Music.  Although, I was quite out of breath at some of the vids I found on youtube with DBSK and BigBang! member Tae Yang.  These kids are pushing the envelope, but it still presented in a very innocent way.  I have to say I liked it because it was so "shameless", yet all of their clothes are on!  I was watching Mirotic with red cheeks!  I enjoyed it thoroughly and is probably why I am so stuck on Jaejoong.  He looks so sweet and innocent... but, watching Mirotic makes him seem like he has a secret naughtiness.  Very alluring indeed!  LOL!  Apparently, he was involved in a DUI scandal in the past.  REALLY?  All I have to say is that S. Koreans DRINK!  And if they drive afterwards, it's really no surprise!  That is one thing I find amusing about their culture.  Drinking is culturally acceptable, but if a celeb does it it's a SCANDAL!  LOL!  :D

Anyway, back to the actual story I was looking for.  Apparently Park Jung Min was involved in a dating scandal with designer Song Hye Mung.  Apparently, the designer (who looks a bit like a person who suffers from depression and fantasy delusions in her photo... just my opinion) 'outed' their relationship on her facebook.  She posted a long rant about how he called her when he was having problems and used her as a shoulder to cry on.  Apparently, in her mind this meant they were dating.  Poor Jung Min was probably just confiding in someone he THOUGHT was his friend.  It's sad really.  I really don't see how this was a scandal... but, I guess celebrities over there, especially male celebs, are not supposed to date!  I don't get it... but, it seems to be true.

So, what does all of this have to do with Kim Hyun Joong?  Well, all I have ever been able to find on Hyun Joong is the 2009 HK scandal and the ridiculous Birthday Party Scandal of 2010.  Both times, he defended himself with the truth.  He is so open with the truth, it is impossible to believe anything else.  Because the truth is usually stranger than fiction when it comes to his 4D attacks!  How could anyone make up the stuff he says?  It has to be true!  LOL!  I think he probably learned some lessons with these two false rumor scandals and has been able to keep his nose clean since.  I guess swimming naked in a Japanese spa doesn't really constitute a scandal in S. Korea.  I found that story to be just hilarious.  Apparently, KHJ doesn't have any problems with showing his body.  I wouldn't either if I was that beautiful!  LOL!

There was also a small stirring when he revealed that he had plastic surgery on his nose.  Apparently, he was injured when he and some friends were playing around breaking tapes with rocks.  He said in the interview that he had his nose repaired and 'lifted' a little while they were at it.  Haaaa!  Haaaaa!  I just had to laugh hard again.  He would have kept the nose God gave him if the injury  hadn't occurred.  But, since he was having the surgery anyway, why not make a little improvement?  I  am smiling so much.  He is just too cute!  Of course, I found all kinds of b/s rumors while looking for stories.  Rumors that he is racist and a snob, and that he is a chauvinist who has sex with women in cars.  These were hidden deeply in gossip forums, of course and have no factual basis whatsoever.  Oh, and of course there is always the rumor about being gay.  I don't think any Korean boy band member escapes that one.  Honestly, people, don't you have anything better to do?

Honestly, it is my opinion that Kim Hyun Joong is just a good man.  He is not the type to go with prostitutes, smoke illegal substances, or drive after drinking.  He rides his bike to Jaksal Chicken and drinks with his friends.  I wonder if you can get pulled over for riding a bike after 20 rounds of soju and beer!  LOL!  He has also repeatedly said in interviews that if he was dating, everyone would know about it.  He would not hide it or keep it a secret.  I can't wait til the day he does announce a relationship.  He will probably make history as the first S. Korean celeb to have an open and visible relationship with no consequences to his career.  That would be just like Kim Hyun Joong.  Saying, 'what's the big deal?' and everyone saying, 'kureh!  It's really no big deal!'  Haaa!  Haaa!  Hyun Joong has never had a scandal stay with him or affect him career wise because he just comes out with the truth right away.  There is no room for speculation.

I normally do not care for digging into these scandals... but, when they keep popping up I just have to find out the truth.  So far, this article is about what I found.  I did get a bit lost in all the gossip, and remembered why I don't normally go after these things.  It's just a waste of my precious time.  This will be the only time I post on these issues.  Henceforth, it will be the old me sharing about my daily inspiration with Kim Hyun Joong.  I was inspired once again by a small fan account I read being posted all over about how Kim Hyun Joong was encouraging Kim Jaejoong at the premiere for "The Jackal is Coming.'  The fan relayed a brief exchange between the two of them that was just so sweet.  I had to repost it on my google+.  That, along with a post I found about them wearing the same necklace, inspired me to make a set of friendship bracelets for those two and their cute little bromance.  LOL!  They will be sent along with Hyun Joong's Christmas presents getting mailed out this week.

I have decided to make my letter much shorter and I will be hand writing it instead of typing.  Short and Sweet, I intend something to this effect:  Dear Kim Hyun Joong -ssi:  Merry Christmas.  These were handmade for you with all my love.  The necklace is made from stones my grandmother collected, cut and polished herself.  She was a rock collector and I am so proud to make jewelry with pieces from her collection now that she is gone.  The two bracelets are for you and Kim Jaejoong-ssi.  Tell him your fan is grateful to him for being such a good friend to you.  I have included pictures for some ideas how to wear the scarf.  It is made so you can drape and button it into any style you choose.  I hope it keeps you warm.  Please continue to take good care of yourself!  I am loving and supporting you all the way from the USA!  I look forward to your upcoming projects with great anticipation.  Have a Merry Christmas, and may 2013 be an even better year!   Love, Angie Ball -sii from Oklahoma, USA.

Coming up in 2013, I have been playing with an idea I have for a charitable event.  I have enough materials to make two more necklaces like the one I'm sending to KHJ for Christmas.  My thought was to put them up on e-bay and auction them providing links here on my blog so people can find them easily.  After the auctions close and my fees are paid to e-bay, I want to donate to a charity as Hyun Joong's fans.  The winners of the auction will recieve their necklaces and the charity will receive the proceeds.   This would be to start  my jewelry company.  I have come up with a name that relates to Kim Hyun Joong in a very subtle way.  This is because he has inspired me so much to follow my dreams.  I want to begin making and selling jewelry like the pieces I made for him this year.  I used recycled and new materials, and of course, my grandmother's stones.  This would be the concept for my jewelry line.

If this is successful, I might make it a yearly event.  I will make an original piece for Hyun Joong for Christmas, and sell a limited amount of duplicate pieces with all of the proceeds going to charity.  This year, I think I will donate the money to the American Red Cross for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.   I am adding a poll to my blog to get your opinions.  Please participate!  I want to know what his fans think of this idea.  I've been wanting to start a jewelry business for quite some time.  This necklace I made for Hyun Joong, along with the charity event, may just be the final launching pad for that business.  If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the plan, please email me at angeljoong@gmail.com.

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