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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong: Christmas Angel on Halloween

[ARTICLE]  Kim Hyun Jong's Christmas Presents and Halloween fun!

WAAAAA!  What a GORGEOUS Zombie!  Brains, Anyone?
Merry Christmas on Halloween!  My co-workers and I dressed up as Zombies at the hospital where I work!  Fun!  Fun!  As I was working today, I realized a neat little coincidence.  The name of my hospital is Deaconess and the address is 5501!  So I have deaconeSS501!  Is it a coincidence?   Or is it fate!  I am tied to Kim Hyun Joong by numbers.... so cool!  :D

In this post I am sharing my letter to Kim Hyun Joong Christmas 2012 and handmade gifts!  I am excited to get them sent off as it takes at least 6 weeks to make it to Seoul!  Maybe more when Christmas Season starts... I am full of anticipation to see what happens if anything.  I don't know if a response will come from KeyEast or WAAUUUGGGH, Kim Hyun Joong --ssi himself!  That would be awesome... honestly, I'm not expecting anything... that way if I get something it will be a big surprise!  :D  I am just happy to send the gifts with my whole heart put into them and know that the thoughts and love I have for him will reach him through the U:zoosin Universe!  LOL!

Before the letter, I just want to update my readers on the reason for my brief absence.  I had two dogs as some of you may remember from one of my earliest posts where I described myself and told a little about my life.  Well, on Sunday 10/21/12 my baby boy, Tenshi, got out of my apartment window.  Actually, Sango, my precious girl got out with him, but she came home about 30 minutes later.  Tenshi never showed up.  I searched the whole neighborhood right after I noticed they were out calling their names.  When I got back home, Sango showed back up at the window.  Tenshi was nowhere.  Sango and I looked driving in the car for a bit after calling his name.  He was just with me one minute, and gone the next.

It has been 10 days.  I have looked at the local shelters, posted his picture on every internet site possible for lost and found dogs, asked all of my neighbors, and done everything possible to find him.  As time goes by the chances get slimmer and slimmer.  I have cried and grieved him as if he were dead.  I don't think that he is... deep in my heart I think someone managed to catch him and put him in their car.  I have to believe they are a nice person, and Tenshi will have a nice home with a big yard and happy children to play with.  He really deserves that kind of life.  I was unable to keep up with his high energy in my small apartment.

My Tenshi -chan!  He was my Miracle Angel! I held him minutes after he was born and he was with me for 5 years of his life.  I am truly heartbroken.  I just have to believe he is safe and happy.  I can't go on if I don't.

I am feeling guilty because his collar had gotten broken and I had not yet replaced it.  He is an inside dog and only goes out on a leash with me, so I was not overly concerned about this.  I should have been more careful.  Even if he had his collar, sometimes people don't contact owners when they capture a purebred dog.  is a purebred Schipperke and a beautiful one at that.  If someone knew what he was, they may just be counting their lucky stars.  I just pray they are treating him well.  He is neutered, so he will not be able to breed.  Everyday, I am saying a prayer that he is safe and happy.

I am now treasuring my little girl. She has been a bit insecure since this happened and stayed right by my side whenever we go out. She wouldn’t even play at the dog park and this made me sad. She is such a sweetie and has been very good. I can leave things lying around the house and she doesn’t chew them up. She is also very well potty trained.  Tenshi had some issues with those things, and I am shocked as to how much stress it actually created for me. Sango and I are living peacefully, but I know we both miss him and our hearts are heavy.

Sango Tomiko... my little treasure.  Her name, Tomiko, means little treasure in Japanese.  I am realizing just how special she is now that I have only her to spoil and love.

Thank you to my readers for asking about me and being concerned.  I am so touched that people I have never met in person consider me important enough in their life to worry over.  This is what it means to be a Kim Hyun Joong fan.It is truly special to be part of this Alien Family.  The experience is one of a kind and I will never forget for the rest of my life what it is like to be here, loving Kim Hyun Joong and his amazing fans who have become the kind of friends I have always longed for.  Thank you so much!

Ok... now on to more joyous things...

Below is the letter I had saved from way back in September of 2011 when I first started following Kim Hyun Joong and it was growing into a daily routine.  Some of the letter pertains to how I started following him and how he has inspired me.  The last part tells about the gifts I made and the special meaning behind the necklace.  I am hoping there will be someone to translate the letter for him.  I did write a few Korean words in the letter.  Like Handmade, Grandmother and Merry Christmas!

Dear Kim Hyun Joong -ssi:

I wanted to write to you and let you know how much you have inspired me and motivated me to change my life. You see, life has kicked me down pretty hard for a number of reasons.  Mostly, my situation is a result of very poor choices as a young woman.  About four years ago, I reached rock bottom.  I felt that I was in a deep hole with no way out.  I made a very difficult choice and left my husband of 10 years.  I moved over 2000 miles back home to Oklahoma with my family.  It was the best decision of my life so far. 

However, because of the path I have taken the past 20 or so years, I am still in a very hard place.  I began watching Korean Drama about a year ago.  My first was Boys over Flowers.  Of course, I fell in love with the character of Yoon Ji Hoo.  After finishing the series, I immediately watched it all the way through again.  I was so taken.  I began to research the actors, namely Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho.  When I learned that SS501, Kim Hyun Joong's group had done some of the music for the series, I promptly found mp3s to download on my phone.

The first song I listened to was Because I'm Stupid.  I had to giggle at the title, but after reading a translation of the lyrics, I understood what it meant.  I was so impressed with your talent on the acoustic version; I began looking for more of your music.  This was around December 2011.  I stumbled onto Break Down, Lucky Guy, Do Ya Like That, and Kiss Kiss.  While looking for music, I read many interviews and articles about this amazing young man named Kim Hyun Joong .  A man who worked harder than anyone I had every heard of and loved his fans genuinely and greeted them with a sincere heart on his official fan site. I could not read the letters written in Hangul, but found English translations easily enough.  Then, I read about the fan meetings and the handshake/hi-five greeting for each person in the audience.  I was overwhelmed with awe.  This is unheard of in the United States... and apparently not a common thing anywhere in the world!

I read interviews where you shared your goals and how you expect to achieve them.  Step by Step and with hard work.  Making decisions as opportunities come as to whether they fit your goals and are in step with your plans.  I am so inspired.  Although my situation is difficult with health and financial problems, I am seeing ways to set goals and achieve them step by step with hard work.  Truthfully, I watch drama and listen to music to escape my hardships.  I am just thankful there is an entertainer out there that not only makes us forget our troubles by helping us to smile, dance, laugh and sing, but lives a life before the public eye that is so inspirational.  It is truly a badge of honor to be called your fan.  I have found many caring friends from around the world and am proud to be a member of the U:zoosin Alien Family!

Thank you, Kim Hyun Joong -ssi for being yourself without fear.  You are making a huge difference in this American Ahjumma's life.  I hope you enjoy my handmade (손으로만든) gifts.  I hope you can use the crocheted scarf to keep warm when you travel. The cross on the necklace is made from stones my grandmother (할머니)gathered, cut, and polished.  She is now with God, and I am so proud to make jewelry with her stones!  메리크리스마스!  I am learning Korean and have a goal to become a Translator, Proofreader and English Tutor.  I will be enrolling in a Master’s Program to further my degree in Linguistics.  I hope this path will take me to Korea and Japan in a few years.  I definitely want to see a show when I am there.  Unless you make your goal for World Domination and visit the US before that!  ^^ Best of Luck to you!

Angie Ball -ssi, aka Ohcheonsa, aka American Ahjumma

Photos of the gifts to be sent:

fan design scarf kim hyun joong

fan design necklace kim hyun joong

fan design necklace kim hyun joong

fan design necklace kim hyun joong
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fan design necklace kim hyun joong

fan design necklace kim hyun joong
fan design necklace kim hyun joong
fan design necklace kim hyun joong

fan design necklace kim hyun joong