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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong: Blessed Angel Conclusion: Blessing to Others

In this final article of the series, I want to discuss how Kim Hyun Joong has been such a Blessing to Others.  Through his music, dramas, and variety shows, he has touched the hearts of so many.  Especially through his interviews and fan meetings.  He has also reached out to so many in need with his charity and volunteer efforts.  Finally, just by doing nothing but being himself, he gives joy and happiness to others.  Those who have been lucky enough to recieve the blessings he brings just by being alive and sharing himself with the world are left forever changed.  You simply can't ignore that having him on this planet is the biggest blessing of all.

Kim Hyun Joong:  Healing Idol

Firstly, I want to discuss his mind blowing ability to cure people's heartaches and physical pain with nothing more than a look at his face.  I have read comments and accounts all around the web from people, who may or may not be his fans, sharing how Kim Hyun Joong just makes them feel happy and well.  In April of this year, a site ran a poll for the Most Healing Idol.  Kim Hyun Joong took #1 by a landslide of 53% of the votes and the comments were overwhelming.  Responses like "KHJ is a healing idol 'coz he gives me happiness just by seeing him."  and " KHJ is always giving me a feeling of warmth and comfort." were left by participants on the Monkey3 Music site that conducted the poll.  The most poignant for me was a comment saying that there was no explanation, it was just Kim Hyun Joong!  When I discovered this article back in April, I had to comment on my google+ account because I knew exactly what it meant!
At that time, I was still learning about Hyun Joong and was reading and searching for everthing I could find.  This particular post turned the light on for me as to why I was so obsessed and couldn't get enough of him.  I have a chronic illness that causes me to be in constant pain.  Sometimes my pain is unbearable and I feel like dying.  No exaggeration there.  But, I find that if I am looking at Hyun Joong's sweet face, especially his eyes, I feel better immediately.  Those beautiful, deep, soulful eyes just pull me into heaven.  If I listen to his voice, I am lulled into a world of fun and beauty that seems to only exist with him.  I am no longer in this world of pain and suffering.  Suddenly, I have no ailments and I am able to dance and laugh and sing with him.

Because of this illness, I had some pretty serious depression and sat around the house suffering from pain and general lack of caring about my life or future.  At 43 years old, I was miserable and just wished to die.  Then, while doing the only thing I ever felt like doing... watching Netflix, in my list of recommendations was a Korean Drama called Boys Over Flowers.  I can only assume they suggested this because I had about 150 anime titles sitting in my queue to watch.  I read the synopsis and was mildly interested in the story, so I started the first episode.  From that moment on, I was addicted.  My anime titles sat unwatched as I consumed the entire BOF series in a marathon of about 3 days.  It was the character Yoon Ji Hoo that kept me watching episode after episode until I was too hungry and tired to continue.  Then, once rested and fed, I was watching again.

In the first episode, the scene comes up where the F4 is walking into the Shinwa High School.  It is a morning scene and the sun is behind them as they walk through the glass doors.  Ji Hoo is the last to enter.  Right at that moment, the sun expanded behind him and surrounded him with a supernova of pure white light.  He was so beautiful it was breathtaking.  It was like God was announcing that He had placed an Angel on Earth and giving us His sign with that flash of sunlight that made Kim Hyun Joong stand out from the others with an arresting shock.  At that time, I had no idea who he was.  I did not know his name.  I did not know he was a first time actor.  I did not know he was in a kpop group called SS501.  I knew nothing about Korean Entertainment.  I had never watched a drama or listened to a kpop song.  None of that mattered.  I had found the cure to my pain, and I was determined to find out everything I could about the actor playing Yoon Ji Hoo.

Kim Hyun Joong:  Inspiring Idol

The more I researched about him, read his interviews, watched him on variety shows, and listened to his music, the brighter and brighter my life became.  I became consumed with learning Korean and going to S. Korea.  I wanted to know what planet this Angel came from, and it started in S. Korea!  Haaa Haaa!  I found out I could go over and become an English Teacher.  I started to look for ways to do this.  Every time I came up against an obstacle that would have normally discouraged me into giving up... all I had to do was think of Hyun Joong's words.  Perserverance and stubborn determination to not admit defeat are the keys to success.  Why should I pay attention to those who don't like me?  Why should I listen to others who want to bring me down?  I will just push stubbornly ahead with my dreams until they become my reality.

In my life, and in everyone's life, there are always those naysayers who will tell you why you can't do something.  They are quick to point out why your dream is ridiculous and could never be possible.  Out of concern for your happiness, they point out your shortcomings and the reasons you don't have the capability to do what you want to do.  We just don't want you to get disappointed or hurt.  We know you best.  We've known you all your life.  Just follow our advice.  Keep it small.  Don't get caught up in those idealistic goals.  You will only be defeated, disappointed and depressed.  We don't want that for you.  Why are people this way?  Because they are afraid to go after their own idealistic goals and dreams.  God forbid you show them they are wrong and that it can be done!  LOL!

Keep Going!  This is what I have learned after listening to Kim Hyun Joong and knowing his struggle to get where he is. He faced defeat after defeat since the time he decided that music was his life and he wanted to do nothing else.  Parents against you.  Check.  People out to take advantage of you.  Check.  Continuous setbacks.  Check.  His story was so similar to mine I was amazed.  But, the difference was that Hyun Joong did not give up.  He was not afraid.  He was out there doing his thing and believing that at some point he would find his path to success.  The difference with Hyun Joong is that he has been completely open in sharing his hardships.  He has been more than willing to share his experiences and give us his secret.  Tenacity.  Courage.  Stubbornness.  Hard Work.  Never thinking you've "arrived."  Keep improving and dreaming bigger and higher.

How can I ever thank him enough?  For the first time in my entire life I am confident, focused and unwavering about my goals.  I may change the method of reaching them as obstacles arise.  But, my end target is still the same.  To l ive and work in S. Korea, the country I have fallen in love with because of meeting a kpop star who gave me hope.  He gave me peace, strength and courage.  Just by being himself.  Just by being completely honest.  Just by existing.  I want to be that amazing as well.  I want to make a difference like KHJ.  I have been told I'm a attractive woman.   I always smile at people, even when I am in horrible pain.  People have always told me they like having me around.

I don't think my looks will ever be Kim Hyun Joong... but, I want to take that positive reaction from others and magnifiy it into something truly meaningful, because my idol has done this.  He has made the world a better place every time he opens his eyes and gets out of bed.  (Once someone is able to get him out of bed!  Haaa Haaa!)  I want to be that kind of person.  I once heard a saying that went something like this.  "Lord, let me be your servant.  Let me be the one who when my eyes open and my feet hit the floor each day, the Devil says, "OH, SH%@!  She's awake!"  LOL!  I believe that there is definitely an evil force in this world.  And I believe it hates Kim Hyun Joong with all it's might because he spreads blessings wherever he goes!  That is why we must protect him with our love and prayers.

Kim Hyun Joong:  Charitable and Kind Idol

I have already discussed Hyun Joong's charitable deeds.  Now that he is successful and has the means, he gives to many causes.  He also volunteers his time.  I have seen photos of him passing out coal to the poor and elderly.  I have seen him visiting orphanages.  I have seen him run a marathon for childhood cancer.  If I am not mistaken, his celebrity soccer team plays for charity.  But, it is not these major things that impress me.  It is the small, everyday things he does.  He includes his staff and team in his drinking celebrations.  He shows his concern for his fans who may have overstepped his security and are being escorted away.  He even stoops to pick up presents or notes himself that excited fans drop when they meet him. 

He doesn't have to do any of these things.  He has people to handle all of them.  But, Hyun Joong has never let his popularity and success go to his head or change his kind and gentle heart.  He thinks of others always, and never shows an attitude of superiority.  He is a BUSY man.  But, time for others is so important to him and he never allows his schedule to get too busy to wrap his warmth around others like a blanket providing comfort in a cold and unforgiving world.  Even when he leaves his little messages every so often on his official website.  He is always sharing that his heart is happy and thankful for all the support he receives and promising he will continue to do his best for all of us.

So, I will leave you with this thought.  I shared a quote in the last post from Hyun Joong sharing that a puppy that wags his tail to everyone is not his style.  He likes those who are not open and trusting until confidence is earned.  Just like a dog that will bark and growl at a stranger, but open himself up to his master whom he trusts by rolling over for a belly rub.  Hyun Joong has shown himself to be trustworthy.  He has never shown a negative or unforgiving attitude.  We have never heard or seen a hateful word or action.  We have never had our hearts broken by his actions or words.  He deserves our trust and confidence.  May we conitinue to give him the same love and care so he will be able to open his heart and trust us as well.

That is my hope... that as his fans we can provide for and take care of him in the way he has for all of us.  Let us return the blessings not only to Hyun Joong, but to everyone around us as we follow our idol's example.  Let the beautiful light of Kim Hyun Joong shine through us and out into the world.  Then, his blessings will only continue to expand and grow.  Thank you KHJ and thank you Alien Family!  Blessings to all!