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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong: Blessed Angel Part III: Personality

Now we will take a look at Kim Hyun Joong's personality through his own words.  I have collected the quotes that gave me the feeling of looking straight into his heart and finding the Angel Prince I have come to know.  I call him Angel because he has such a pure and loving soul.  I am literally aching with the beauty of it.  He is just pure light, joy, love and perfection and his own words*...
illustrate how honest he is.  How anyone could ever say that Kim Hyun Joong said or did anything for show or attention, I just can't fathom.  I will add my thoughts after each quote, and I ask you to please take moment to pause before reading my thoughts so they will not influence you before you just listen to Hyun Joong with your heart:

*(I have taken the liberty, when I felt it was necessary, to edit the translations for clarity and understanding while keeping with the original intent of Hyun Joong's words)

"Rather than being considered an actor or singer who is famous and doing very well, I would rather be the friendly neighborhood ahjussi (uncle) who can readily buy some ice cream for the neighborhood kids who want one.  I would like to live my life in a friendly and intimate way with others."

This statement came from an interview he gave Lee Sora just after signing with KeyEast.  That is the interview where he also stated that the agency advised him to just be himself and live out his dream the way he wants to live it.  I am so grateful to KeyEast and just want to hug and kiss Bae Yong Joon for pulling Hyun Joong into his safe shelter.  Hyun Joong's success can be attributed to this freedom to be true to himself and completely open and honest with the public.  This is why he can be the ahjussi (uncle), oppa (older brother), adeul (son), sonja (grandson), hyung (big brother), nam dong saeng (little brother), and chingu (friend) role model to his fans.  And we are his noona (older sisters), oemma (mothers), haeommoni (grandmothers), yeoja chingu (girlfriends), imo (Aunts), and  yeo dong saeng (little sisters)*   He treats us like family and is intimate with us in a way no other idol star has been able to achieve.  His talents are not by any means inferior... they are very remarkable... but, it is his ability to establish this very special relationship with his fans that has shot him to the top.

*(Hyun Joong does have male hyung, abaji, ahjussi, haeabaji and nam dong saeng fans also... but I find it is mostly the female fans that follow him and stay by his side in a vocal way on blogs like this.  That is just the nature of women... we have to express our feelings!  LOL!)

"Popularity? It is useless. Good looks and charm are also useless.  I llike being supported, but one of these days, all these will be gone. I am nothing, just being illuminated by lights now."  said in an inteview when he was 20 yrs old.

"I Only want to be your Only One and not No.1 Because No.1 will be replaced and become No.2, No.3…But Only One can only be one person, only one Kim Hyun Joong."

"Even when I am not on earth, earth will have my legend"

I have dedicated paragraphs in other articles on Hyun Joong's wisdom and humility.  To have such wisdom at the age of 20 is nothing less than astounding.  Hyun Joong has said that he is pushing to make all of his goals and dreams come to reality at this time (2012 he is now 26) because he knows that he has chosen a career where youth is very important and you can be on top one day and in the gutter the next.  He already knew this when he was starting out, and maintains that wise approach to his career now.  No matter how big, popular, or successful he becomes... he knows it is fleeting and will never let it go to his head.

I am pretty sure Hyun Joong wanted to become Only One and Legendary in his professional career with his fans.  However, it is his private activities that have made him unforgettable and forever in our hearts.  He is humble and shares what he has with others without hesitation.  Again, at such a young age, this type of humanitarianism is incredibly impressive.  How could we forget such an example?  Just a few examples of Hyun Joong's humility:

Donates to many charities most notably orphanages all over Asia.  He even tries to secretly visit orphanages he patrons, but fans always seem to find out and follow him!  He tries to keep some of his charity donations and humanitarian deeds to himself as well... but, his fans are always finding and posting.  He also gave 100 million won to the Tokyo Earthquake Victims and 50 million won to Thailand Flood Victims.  Both in secret from his management company.  Of course, fans found out... and that is how we know!  LOL!

Hyun Joong is not too proud to wash dishes at his restaurant Jaksal Chicken, and was caught once again by fans.  These pictures that have been circulating the last couple of weeks have brought such love and admiration from his fans.  Some of his critics tried to make comments about "putting on a show for the camera" or some such nonsense.  All you have to do is look at the photos and you can plainly see that Hyun Joong is unaware that he is being photographed.  He is just busy working in his restaurant.  Even though he is CEO and owner... he will help at any level because he does not believe he is above anyone else.

Even a small gesture, like personally preparing packages of snacks and drinks for his fans is not too much for Hyun Joong.  He is very detail oriented... and has his hands in everything that goes on concerning his career from stage design to costumes to promotions.  But, this gesture came from his heart for his fans.  This is the humble man Kim Hyun Joong.

When asked:  In your mind, what kind of person is Kim Hyun Joong?  He responded with "Someone who is sentimental and hard-working.  Last year I wanted to go to Tae Ahn to clear the oil, but was afraid that people may say that I was putting on a show. In the end, I didn’t go. I want to become someone who would not mind what other people may say and do my things. Dedicate my heart to other people. I often reflect whether I’m living charitably."

"I’m not a good person, I ‘m just the bad person who won’t harm anyone." 

Humility embodied.  He does not belive he is better than others because of his activities... he just believes that he is a regular guy who does his best to be good to others in order to make up for the bad things he feels he has done.  He stated on another occasion that his rebellious activities as a teenager made his mother into a sinner.  He wants to make up for that in the future.  Well, at this time he has given her one of his Jaksal Chicken outlets, and in another account I read he gave her skin care products because he was concerned she might have too many wrinkles because of him.  So sweet and cute!  Ageiyo Hyun Joong.

"I hope I will always be the kind of person you will not be criticized for being my fan."

“We’ll continue to dream of our amazing future together, as we look up towards the same sky..”

And we hope to always be the kind of fans you will not be criticized for attracting.  With you as our role model, Hyun Joong, I know we would rather die than bring shame to your spotless name.  Feel safe in our respect and admiration for you and know we will always be faithfully by your side.  We are indeed dreaming together and looking up at the same sky!  Alien Family!  Fighting!  Aja!

"If you truthfully treasure a person, you should not hesistate to even speak nasty word to the person, so that he will grow."

" Since you were already born , you should work hard to make your name known , help your less fortunate neighbors while living a life that earns respect .”

Hyun Joong wants those that love him to even criticize him if the criticism is warranted.  He only wants the TRUTH so he can become his best.  It is very hard for me to criticize my loved ones.  Once I love them, it is too heavy for my heart.  And with him... it's even harder because there are just so many good things that outweigh the bad.  His virtues shine so brightly, it is just easy to forgive his mistakes or character flaws.  He is STUBBORN and HARDHEADED to the point of frustration sometimes... especially when he pushes himself too hard and ends up compromising his health, but I end up aching for him when he is in pain and forgiving him because it is that iron determination that has gotten him where he is.  He just does not give up!  So, his supposed character flaw is also a virtue!  How can I criticize him for it?  And what has he to say about it?  "Success comes from stubborn perseverance and the tenacity not to admit defeat"

Apparently he also makes mistakes in his speech and mispronounces words, which can be deadly embarassing for a Korean, and now that I am learning Korean, I have actually caught one of those mistakes myself.  But, it was just FUNNY!  Not really anything to criticize.  I mean who hasn't had a slip of the tongue and said something they didn't mean to say!  Once, at work, in front of patients, I slipped and said an offensive word purely because my brain was moving too quickly for my tongue.  My colleague had asked a question.  The answer I meant was sure, it doesn't matter, yeah!  Well , what came out was sh*% yeah!  She and I both had the shocked face for a second and then laughed so hard we cried.

Hyun Joong also thinks that he can be cold and mean.  While he was still in SS501 he said in an interview that he is cold to his fans and chases them home when they came out to see him and didn't care about their view, he was just going to do whatever he thought best.  Well, we all know that he worries about his fans and doesn't want them standing out in the cold for hours just to see him.  He doesn't think that is reasonable or necessary.  He also doesn't listen to ANYONE... not just his fans, but he shows us his love in so many ways, it is obvious that he does care about making us happy.  He will not make a decision based on fan views... but, he will give his utmost best on his chosen project to keep us at his side.  So, giving fans a scolding, or ignoring their every whim is not being cold or mean.  It is actually tough love... which is the best kind.

So, it is true that when you love someone, you are harsh with them when it is necessary for their personal growth.  Not only does Hyun Joong ask us to be frank with him... but, he models this type of true love by being a bit harsh to us when we are blindly giving up our real lives to follow him.  He is just as human as we are and does not believe that type of blindly devoted fandom is what he wants.  I remember hearing him respond to a fan's statement that she loved him more than her husband by saying that he hoped that was not true because it would not be right if it were.  I personally feel more proud to be his fan knowing he encourages healthy interaction and cares when fans go overboard to the point of endangering their real life realationships or physical health.  Thank you, KHJ.  We are here to protect you just as you protect us from harm.

"He who wags his tail to anyone is not my style. The one who gives loyalty and faithfulness to someone who honestly treats you with love and care is the “real” one. That’s why I like dogs better than puppies. Dogs are sometimes cold and gives threat to strangers, but in front of his master whom he’s very familiar with, he then opens his heart with no reservations."

And finally, Hyun Joong waxes wise on the secret to happiness:

"Even if you’re unhappy, you still must actively maintain a positive attitude and live life sincerely. That way, happy days and mood will follow. Because I always follow this hence I ‘m always very happy, you know that, earthlings?????"

"When you are sad you must still smile. When you are not feeling well, also you must smile like a fool. Hahaha. Because when I’m happy, other people will feel happy too!"

When asked what do you think happiness is? "Actually I don’t feel particularly happy about any one thing.  I just do what I like to do.  Then I feel happy.  And when I am achieving my targets, working towards it with my working partners,  it is then that I feel blessed."

Next, we will discuss Kim Hyun Joong in 4D!  His 4th Dimensional*, U:zoosin Alien world that is Only One Kim Hyun Joong!  This is where he just charms his way into your heart with his hilarious and crazy antics and statements.  Being with Hyun Joong never gets boring!  Let's laugh and smile and cry tears of stomach exploding pain to Hyun Joong expressing himself in the familiar 4D attack Alien way:

*(The real world is a 3 dimensional world, 4th dimensional denotes another world existing to only the person being described. In Korea entertainment sector, 4th dimensional is used to describe a person having a unique, strange and unrestrained way of thinking.)

Random Quote Unknown Source during filming of SS501 behind the scenes:

"If you show an oily face on TV, you die."

Thank you, Hyun Joong, for this bit of Entertainment Industry Wisdom.  We will all take this to heart if we ever appear on T.V.  :)

In the variety show "Thank you for raising me up"  Hyun Joong was preparing breakfast for his brothers in SS501 and made these hilarious statements:

"This is not normal water, it is water melted from south pole's ice cap. An acquaintance of mine, he brought this back for me when he went there for research. This is also not a normal carrot, it is very precious, it will only grow 1cm each year. Please look at this, it looked like an chicken egg, but it is actually an eagle egg, and it is not a normal eagle egg, it is the endangered species of eagle - Bald head eagle's egg."

When the host point at the cucumber and ask discretely: "What about this cucumber?" He answered naturally: "It is a normal cucumber, at least I must prepare one normal item right?"

OMO!  Tears falling down, can't breathe, sides bursting!  How is he so quick witted?  It is that genius IQ of his.  Even though he was quoted as stating that he is not a genius like Baek Seung Jo (Playful Kiss) because he doesn't work hard, I think he meant that he did not work hard in school... but, academics are no indication of intelligence or IQ.  I saw in a random blog that he has a score of 140 which is above genius level.  Even if that report was not accurate it is easy to see from his candid moments that his brain moves at the speed of light.  He truly is from outer space!  LOL!

young fan asked, “hyun joong oppa, where’s jae joong oppa?”

leader said, “i’m not sure too…”

he went on to sign an autograph for her, and then started calling someone on his cellphone:  from the sound of things, seemed like he was giving jae joong a call.

“hyung, where are you?”
(*bb: both leader and jae joong are 1986ers, but jae joong was a january baby…)

 jae joong, “i’m at apgujeong-dong. what’s up?”

“arh, nothing… call you back in awhile…”

then leader hung up and told the fan, “he said he’s at apgujeong-dong”

Ahhhh, sweet Hyun Joong!  He takes everything so seriously.  This is what makes him do so many cute and funny things.  He is just being himself... but, it comes out so funny!  btw I am slowly falling for KJJ as Hyun Joong's bestie.  No one will ever be Only One like Hyun Joong... but, the more I get to know JJ through HJ, I can see why they are best pals.  They are very much alike in many ways.  Laugh at his best friend in this video on youtube.  Apparently, he is prone to his voice cracking, clumsiness, and being ticklish.  I was crying from laughter.

“For me, if I earned a lot of money, I’ll live in a house made out of bushes. As long as there are no cockroaches then it’s good.” 

honestly, I have no idea what he means.  Perhaps that he will not change if he makes a lot of money and become extravagant in his lifestyle.  I just found this quote cracked me up.  No cockroaches!  haaa!  haaa!  Hyun Joong's fear of insects once again!  Although, I particularly hate those nasty little scourges myself.  Not sure why God made them????

Interviewer: "Do you like the nickname that you're 'Fourth Dimensional'?" KHJ: "I like it now but initially, I thought they meant that I'm like a 'dol-I' (retard/crazy person) so I didn't feel good. I'm interpreting it now as something like 'having unique charms.' (laughs) In that way, I think everyone has some tendencies to be 4th dimensional."

"I have lots of nonsensical thoughts, I admit that!" -Kim Hyun Joong

And that is why we love our Only One, Alien, Angel Prince Kim Hyun Joong!  Come back next week where I will be sharing the final installment on Kim Hyun Joong's Blessings... his Blessing to Others!  We are all abundantly more blessed by him because he is so loving, giving, and shares everything he has with his fans and the world.  Bring some tissue... I might get very emotional and sentimental because this is where I will shower him with my love for the Blessing he has been to me!  Kahmsamida for your readership and support!  I can't wait to share more on my Angel of the East:  Kim Hyun Joong!