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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong: Cheerful Angel

Jokester Hyun Joong!
Kim Hyun Joong just makes my day!  Whenever I am depressed and life just seems to suck harder than a newborn baby I just have to load up my Kim Hyun Joong.  Whether it's vids, songs, blogs, feeds... whatever I have bookmarked and saved, or if I just google his name and discover what's new...
my day is instantly better, and I can refocus on what is important to me.  I can see my path and take the next step.  I used to become mired in the muck of the day to day and get caught in a pattern.   "In a rut" is the saying.  I would not progress toward any type of goal for months and sometimes even years at a time.  I was just beaten down by life and accepting that my life would be what it was.  I felt trapped and helpless.

Well because of Kim Hyun Joong, that feeling is no more.  I have been so inspired by his success story, I am empowered to make my own.  I only have to visit him each day to feel that empowerment renewed, and my mind begins to work on what to do next to make my dreams come true.  It is a whole new way of living for me, and I have to say I really believe I can make it happen!  I really believe in myself like never before!  And I can thank only this young hallyu star!  How I dream of meeting him someday and telling him my story.  I want to give him whatever talents I have to help him continue to be successful in a mind blowing way.  I really hope I can do that.  I just want to give back to him.
Hyun Joong, Fighting!

For now, I will probably find a way to donate to some of the charities he supports.  I am not yet a member of Henecia because I found the site to be rather unfriendly to English speakers.  I joined today using google translate.  I should be getting an e-mail in a couple of days verifying my registration according to the translation.  I want to join and pay dues, but could not find that on the site.  I am restricted to access until they officially approve my application.  We will see what happens.

To keep us in the know, I am currently working on a quotes from Hyun Joong page and a shocking facts page.  Look forward to the completion of those with anticipation.  I will also begin working on compiling all of his video links into one site here so we can have a complete reference any time we need to see his sweet face, hear his sweet voice, and be cheered by his beautiful smile.  Best place for this currently is http://kathysbench.blogspot.com/p/ss501-tv-shows.html.  Thanks so much Kathy's Bench!  Hyun Joong fans are forever in your debt!
Playful, Hyun Joong!  I wonder when he will draw his own manga series!  Now, that will be fun!

So, I'm inviting my readers to tell their stories about how Hyun Joong has changed their lives.  Tell us how you include him in your day, and what changes you have made in your life because of meeting him!  I am so eager to know more.  I have a lot of silent readers.  I would really  like to hear from you!  I would really like to ask Hyun Joong how he remains so positive and cheerful each day!  I think it is naturally part of his personality, but I know he has said on numerous occasions that he gains his strength from his fans.  I wonder how he is gaining strength while hiding away from us like this!  Maybe some fans have found their way to the shooting site for City Conquest and are giving him their strength while he is on set there.  I do hope so.


Ways to remain positive and cheerful as learned from Kim Hyun Joong:
  1. Don't take life so seriously.  Work hard, but play just as hard and keep the mood light even when working.

  2. Be Honest.  To the point of shocking.  Everyone will just smile and laugh because they don't know what else to do!

  3. Keep yourself in perspective.  Know your flaws, but don't take them so seriously they drag you down.  Just work to improve yourself day by day and know you are doing your best in the moment.

  4. Ignore your critics.  If someone doesn't like you, why should you listen to them?  Only those who love you have your best interests at heart.  Listen to your own heart, and pay no mind to those who want to bring you down.

  5. GOOF OFF!  Be a jokester!  Light up someone's day with your wackiness or dazzling smile!  People need to be shocked out of their seriousness.

  6. Work hard, enjoy what you do, have fun, be sincere, love and respect everyone around you, follow your heart, and keep your critics in their place!  Happy Kim Hyun Joong!  We are inspired!
Keep laughing, Hyun Joong!  We love it!

And our slideshow today is Hyun Joong's Black and White Photos!  He is just so beautiful when all you see are the contrasting lines of his features and physique.  Awwww.... I feel better already!  :D