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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong: Jagiya Angel, A Mother's Pride

Kim Hyun Joong, Jagiya... it means 'sweetheart.'  I just want to call him by this term of endearment as I have the love of a mother that swells my heart with pride each time I hear of his successes.  I cannot help but feel overwhelming happiness at the level of success my Angel has achieved because no one is more deserving.  Just as a mother would be proud of
her son, and feel that he is deserving.  He has established a reputation for hard work, modesty, integrity, and smart business sense.  He is an all around success with everything he touches turning to Gold.  Literally when we look at his 200,000+ sales of HEAT and topping the Oricon Charts in Japan straight out of the chute with pre-sales exhausting the number of copies released and astounding his critics around the world.  Not to mention the many awards he has recieved in 2012 from Hamdsome Man Korea to Best Asian Artist.

Beautiful Fan Art of Hyun Joong!

My proudest moment was when he donated 50 Million won to the Beautiful Foundation after hearing his fans had donated 10 million won while he was finishing up his tour of Asia.  He also donated all the proceeds to one of his concerts in Japan to a local orphanage, asking the 20,000 fans that attended the concert to give to the children also, if they were able.  I also read about his low profile visits to an orphanage in the Philipines and his donations to them that he did not want publicized.  Of course, fans found out, and posted the information all about the web gushing over his kind heartedness.  One account was from a fan who snuck into the orphanage posing as a worker to see him when he visited:

The principal told her and her friends how "Kim" had donated money that helped to repair, paint, provide toys and tables and chairs, and repair a roof.  Photos of children with smiles that engulfed their little faces were posted in the article and they told the fans how much they loved "Kim."  When Hyun Joong found out the fans were there, he wanted to oblige their request for pictures, but his security rushed them out.  The fan account stated his face looked worried for them as they were being bustled out of the meeting room.  Oh, my Jagiya Angel!  He is concerned for everyone...from orphans to renegade fans!  How can a mother's heart not burst with pride and love?

Hyun Joong plays with a baby at the orphanage when visiting with SS501.  He is going to make such a great Abpa! 

No one can really say anything bad about Hyun Joong if they want to be taken seriously.  He is on top, and struggled hard to get there.  He is so very honest about everything in his life.  He has some unbelievable stories to tell, but they always turn out to be the truth.  No one has ever caught him in a lie.  Why would he?  He doesn't need to lie, he is just who he is and doesn't consider himself anything special.  Why IS he so special?  Because he is this honest, humble, hard working guy who has managed to persevere until his dreams became a reality.  He makes mistakes, but learns from them, and subsequently makes even smarter decisions.

His agency KeyEast has allowed him to be in control of his career, and so far, he has yet to make a wrong turn..  As the anticipation for City Conquest mounts, I believe the critics will just have to shut their mouths once again when he dazzles with his interpretation of Baek Mir, a rough and manly man who turns tender and sweet when it comes to his lovely leading lady.  Once again, eomma will shed tears of happiness as her heart swells with overwhelming love and pride.  And he will contribute to the OST just as he has with his other dramas.  I honestly can't think of one actor/singer who has been so successful, and who garners nothing but deep love and sincere respect from his fans.

Love this fan interpretation of Hyun Joong and Baek Mir comparisons!  Click to see source.

It is one thing to have a teenage 'infatuation' for an idol star.  I have experienced that as a fan in my distant past... and got over it in due time giving all my fan "memorabila" to my younger cousin who was also a fan of the same group.  I never again went "crazy" with emotions and endorphins for a pop star.  I understood they were just human beings who happen to be very talented and highly publicized.  It probably didn't hurt that I have some artistic talent of my own, and have been told many times I could have gone into a musical career with my singing and songwriting abilites.  I travelled the US in college with smaller groups singning in churches popular worship songs and a few I wrote myself. 

So, I had a bit of a different perspective.  I knew those idols were just in the right place at the right time, and there were thousands of others who were just as talented.  But, with Hyun Joong, it is not just about his handsome face, his nice body, his beautiful smile, or his multiple talents.  He is an impressive young man in those regards, don't get me wrong.  These are the things that initally attracted me.  But, it was in the getting to know him that I fell deeply in love.  You can read that account here on my site.

Ordinary Guy Hyun Joong plays with his puppies Art and Matic.

In the beginning, I used to get that "crush" feeling when I thought of him or watched him in dramas or videos or interviews.  I would feel a littled flushed and a bit embarrassed with my heart pounding against my ribs, just like a 13 year old girl in Junior High School.  I kept my fandom a secret at that time because I knew my friends and family would say, "Seriously.  You are a grown woman!  You should be over this type of thing."  And so, I thought I would get over it, just as I had with other idols in the past. 

However, As I continued to read about Hyun Joong and watch interviews and live shows, the feelings began to grow and change.  I began to feel fond of him, like a brother or a friend.  I knew I was old enough to be his mother (technically... 17 years between us) but, because I am not a mother, I really don't know the feelings a mother would have.  I joke and say I am a "dog mom."  The feelings for pets are not the same as for human children, so I really had no point of reference.  Frankly, my feelings were a bit confusing, and I was worried that my obsession with him might not be a healthy thing for me.

Oh, those lovely lips!  Who wouldn't want to kiss them?  Who cares if it would make me a serious 'Cougar' right? 

I evaluated, and began writing for my blog, reflecting on what was actually going on with me.  You can read those inital blogs at angeloftheeast.wordpress.com.  I wrote about falling in love, and feeling like I was married to Hyun Joong in that I was now permanently by his side.  I know I will follow him for years to come because the connection I have felt with him is so different than any experience I have ever had.  It was like we connected on a spiritual level, a heart to heart connection, a bond that just can never be broken.  I wrote about how he inspired me, and how my life plans have completely changed because of his example.

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame , very pretty , often hot and fierce , but still only light and flickering. As love grows older , our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals , deep-burning and unquenchable. -Bruce Lee

Hyun Joong is truly an ambassador for Kpop and S. Korea.  Why else would he be nominated as the honorary ambassador for the UN's Korean Campaign on Contributions to Social Welfare.  His altruistic activities make him the ideal candidate to represent S. Korea and bring hope to his country's citizens regarding this issue.  He is recognized outside of S. Korea by his International Fans and brings a vision of his home country to those who may have never been introduced to its rich culture, history, and traditions.  I would not have any interest in these things, or have a life goal now to become an English Teacher and travel to S. Korea if I had never met him.  I would have continued with a bland and boring existence in cubicle at a hospital typing my life away.  He is an incredible role model for people of all ages.

Hyun Joong is formal and polite at the UN Ceremony to launch the Korean Campaign on Contributions to Social Welfare 

It is his transparency that inspires.  He has been so frank and honest about himself when he does talk shows and interviews, we can see exactly why he is so successful. He works harder than hard, and never takes anything for granted.  He is beautiful to the very core of his essence, and people are drawn to the light that shines out from his being.  I think of him as a star from heaven that fell to earth and was born.  Even when he was a baby, you could see the intelligence and intensity in those big, dark chocolate eyes.  They seemed to observe and take in the whole world.  You could see his brain was processing and assimilating everything around him.  Now that he has made it into the limelight, it is like that inner light is bursting out in a shower of beautiful gems going out to people in every part of the world.  He is dazzling and bright, and impossible to ignore.

He was made leader of SS501 for a reason.  He drew the group together with his natural leadership and cared for them all as his brothers from the start.  He was serious about success, and quick to gain an understanding of the business.  He was not at all afraid of hard work and knew the weaknesses he needed to perfect.  He shares his dreams and goals with his fans during interviews and is quick to point out how far he still has to go.  He wants to eventually do a World Tour and has even stated he may try it next year.  Step by step, conquering one thing at a time.  I learned that from Hyun Joong... not because I hadn't heard it before, but because he modeled it so beautifully.  He simply has grace and poise.  That is why I want to follow him.  He is sincere, honest, modest, kind-hearted and generous.  That is why am his for life.

I wish this was Hyun Joong on Skype having a casual conversation with me!  Oh, dream big!

He has planned his entire year 2012 and is ending it with so many awards no one expected him to take.  He is finishing out with filming City Conquest, and all of his fans are literally dancing with anticipation.  I hope he gains many more fans when it finally airs, just as he gained me when BOF aired in my country.  I am praying so hard for him to just blow this performance out of the water... knock it out of the park!  I want there to be no reason for anyone to say anything negative, although I know those pesky mosquitoes we call anti-fans will find SOMETHING to nit pick.  Well, they'd better watch out because they may get an angry mama bear coming after them!  //// Those are my claw marks down their backs!  Seriously, I am always respectful, but I will not hesitate to defend him whenever I see these biting gnats buzzing about!

Haaa Haaa!  Well, I will leave you with this thought from Hyun Joong:

"Look up at the sky and weave a beautiful dream for your future."  Oh, Hyun Joong!  I will dream of meeting you and teaching you to speak perfect English so you can be an Ambassador to all the English speaking countries in the world!  Then no one will be able to criticize  you!  Let's make both of our dreams come true, I'll teach you, and you go out and become God of Galaxy!  Oh, Jagiya, I love you so much my beautiful Angel of the East!

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