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Monday, April 8, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong: Angel Idol

[ARTICLE] Kim Hyun Joong: Idol and fans, represent

It truly burdens my heart to have read such ugly and angry comments from some of Hyun Joong's fans when I decided to do a feature story about his very good friend Kim Jaejoong.  I compared their albums and some fans took my comments to be very negative regarding my opinion of Hyun Joong's album as I did a comparison with Jaejoong's.  I feel truly heartbroken that Hyun Joong's fans can be so hateful.  Kim Hyun Joong is a kind, generous and faithful friend.  He encourages his friends and supports their projects as exemplified by the cute exchange between himself and Kim Jaejoong at Jaejoong's movie premiere for The Jackal is Coming:

During the stage greeting when Jaejoong said hello, someone with a very loud voice shouted "Kim Jaejoong handsome!" from somewhere. I looked around to see who he was, it was Kim HyunJoong. And then Jaejoong with a very happy face said "Do I know you?" and Hyung Joong said "Yes! It's me!". [credit: nachan87@livejournal.com]

Not only does Hyun Joong support his friend, but he also encourages and respects those who offer constructive criticism of his work.  He has stated that he does not want blind loyalty.  If a person truly loves another person, they will even be harsh with them to help them to grow and learn.  

"If you truthfully treasure a person, you should not hesitate to even speak nasty word to the person, so that he will grow." -Kim Hyun Joong

He's so cute when he's being shy!  It just shows his sincerity!  No attitude or swagger, just KHJ  in the raw! 
Kim Hyun Joong is frank and honest, and therefore he appreciates frankness and honesty in return.  I did not criticize Hyun Joong's music or praise Jaejoong's to say that I like Kim Jaejoong better.  I LOVE Kim Hyun Joong, and as I stated in my post, I will always love him and buy his music whether it remains at the same level or improves in the future.  If I know him at all, I would expect it to improve and to have more and more of his personal style.  That is why I was so enthusiastic about Jaejoong's album.  It was because it was SO PERSONAL, I felt a real connection with him as a man and an artist. I hope in the future Kim Hyun Joong will be able to develop to this level.  Jaejoong has been doing this a little while longer than Hyun Joong.  A gap in quality and maturity is to be expected.

Hyun Joong is truly the best looking of all on his new show Barefoot Friends.  Just natural and himself.  This is the way I love him the m ost!
I gave my critique as an encouragement for Hyun Joong to continue to develop and mature.  And because I have come to know him from his own words, I believe this is exactly what he would want from a fan who truly loves and cherishes him.  This type of interaction develops a relationship of trust and confidence.  I am the same as Hyun Joong.  I would rather hear the truth, even if it is a little harsh and might be painful.  I want to grow and improve.  I do not want people praising me when I need a critique.  I only want praise when praise is due.  By saying there was room for improvement in his music, I would hope that Hyun Joong would grow and learn and come into full bloom as Kim Hyun Joong the artist and the man.

Now, the likelihood of Kim Hyun Joong reading this blog is probably slim to none.  However, I write with the thought in my mind, what if Kim Hyun Joong read this?  I have that thought in my mind with every post.  I write as if I was talking to a dear friend.  Praising when praise is due.  Critiquing when it is warranted.  I give my honest opinion just as I would to any other close friend.  As a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, I feel close to him like a friend.  That is the difference between being his fan and following other entertainers.  Kim Hyun Joong has no secrets.  He always tells the truth and never hides his weakness.  With Hyun Joong, what you see and hear from his mouth is what you get.  There is no manipulation or trickery to improve his image.  That is why his image is so pure.  He is honest, kind, gentle, and realistic.  That is why I love him the most.

I would be shocked and disappointed if  I ever heard such an angry and hateful attitude from him as what I received from his anonymous fans.  I noticed none of them signed in to leave a comment with a screen name or avatar.  All negative comments were by 'anonymous.'  I find that very interesting.  So, I would just like them to consider... what if Kim Hyun Joong reads these comments? ... when posting anywhere online.  If they truly love their idol,  try following his example of kindness, gentleness, and humbleness.  If they disagree with something, speak with maturity and conviction.  Keep the hateful tone out of comments.  It does not represent Kim Hyun Joong well at all.

And so, I just have to say I am thankful for this experience.  It made me consider on an even deeper level how loving and loyal I am to Kim Hyun Joong.  I truly see him as a friend.  I write my posts with the thought in mind that he could read it someday.  Even if he never does, I want to be honest and sincere with what I write here.  Even if it's not always 100% praise.  I have come to know Kim Hyun Joong as a man who appreciates honesty and even criticism as long as it comes from a heart of love and will help him grow and improve.  That is how I write, from a heart of love wanting only to praise him when he does well and critique in a constructive way when he could use improvement.  I do not care to be presumptuous, however, from his own words, I believe he would appreciate this from me.

So Positive and Happy KHJ!
"He who wags his tail to anyone is not my style. The one who gives loyalty and faithfulness to someone who honestly treats you with love and care is the “real” one. That’s why I like dogs better than puppies. Dogs are sometimes cold and gives threat to strangers, but in front of his master whom he’s very familiar with, he then opens his heart with no reservations."  -Kim Hyun Joong

I will love you always, my Angel, Kim Hyun Joong.  I also promise never to lie or withhold my true opinion for your sake.  I want to support you and encourage you to continue to grow and develop until the whole word gets to see the man and the artist, Kim Hyun Joong, just as he is.  Because the real Kim Hyun Joong is truly beautiful.