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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong: Survivor Angel

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[ARTICLE] Kim Hyun Joong New Variety Show:  Survivor Vietnam?

After reading various news posts about Kim Hyun Joong's Variety Show that is supposed to be filming in Vietnam for 4 days 3 nights starting April 4, 2013, my only thought was Survivor?  As the team he is joining will be assigned different missions like digging a well and finding a location, I can just picture my Angel covered in mud and laughing and joking with his co-stars.  I do hope he has an enjoyable experience.  It sounds to me like he will only be filming for the first few episodes and then the show will be moving on to other celebrity teams.  That is just the idea I am getting.  I hope it is all, because I want him to be able to focus on his next album and a new drama.

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As a follow up to my Album Review article, I am really praying Hyun Joong can be more involved with the writing and production of his new album.  I also hope he goes with a rock direction all the way and shows us what he can do!  His dream was to be in a rock band.  I want to see him fulfill this and do it well.  I love him no matter what he does... but, I want to just see him shine more brightly than ever and eclipse his critics.  He has established himself as being set apart by stating he does Kim Hyun Joong style and telling his fans he wants to be our ONLY ONE.  I feel that he is in a league of his own and has no competition.  That is just my opinion.  I don't think he can be compared to anyone really.  I only compared him and his friend Kim Jaejoong for fun.  What I found was that there really was no comparison.  They are both unique.  But, I think Kim Hyun Joong is the MOST unique.  There is NO ONE ELSE like him.

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I am feeling a bittersweet sensation as I look at his recent photos.  With the short, black, militant hairstyle, Hyun Joong looks much older.  He has completely matured into a man without question.  No more flower boy!  I am fine with this.  I just worry about his military obligation coming up.  Someone posted a comment on a blog that they wondered if KHJ was getting his diving certification so he could dive for the military!  Wouldn't that be something else?  Kim Hyun Joong in the S. Korean Navy.  I could see him becoming a Captain and driving a submarine or something sensational like that!  He is just so amazing.  I am sometimes jealous of his adaptability and adeptness.  He can do anything he puts his mind to.  Success is his middle name... Kim "seong-gong" Hyun Joong!  That's what he should be called!  LOL!

My jealousy fades away when I remember how encouraging he is to others and how humble he is regarding his own abilities.  This is what attracted me to my Angel and what keeps me at his side.  I'm still working out a life plan to achieve my goals.  They are constantly changing, but I do have one main goal.  I want to learn languages and travel the world.  Every opportunity coming my way is weighed against those two goals.  I am considering learning Spanish first as it is a very useful language to know in my part of the country.  I am also looking for opportunities with online companies that may allow me to travel as part of my job.  I am a very good at writing and editing.  I am looking for editing positions.  I'm also just looking for a position at any company that has an office in S. Korea.
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My family is asking me if I am aware of the situation with N. Korea and how they are on the verge of war.  Yes, I keep up with that news and I am glad I am not there right at this moment.  It also makes me worry for Hyun Joong because he is at an age where he might be drafted if war breaks out.  I don't know how their drafting system works, but I think he might have to serve if war came about.  I also worry that this situation will drag out.  At that point, he might be going in for his obligatory service and war could break out!  I do hope they get this resolved before that happens.  I am also hoping that all of this feather fluffing is just for show on the part of the N. Korean leader.  He just took office not too long ago, and he may feel the need to establish his authority.  Or... he might be completely insane.  I hope it's just the former!  LOL!

Well, that's all I have to say today.  I look forward to watching Hyun Joong in this variety show, not because I think it's the cat's meow or anything... but, because it is a project he has chosen to be involved in and therefore, I will support it!  I think everyone will get to have fun with it, especially Hyun Joong.  He makes whatever he's doing fun and happy.  How lucky are those who get to work with him and be around him.  I wish those people will always treasure the opportunity they have to just be a part of his life.  Even if it is only for a few days!  I can't imagine you could spend time with Hyun Joong and ever be the same!  I know I never will be!
[PHOTO] CREDIT:  Credits: blog.naver.com/mijya0909